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Rose Tattoos for Women

A peak inside Rose Tattoos for Women

Did you ever consider why is a rose such a common tattoo choice among women. Well, the beauty of that particular flower seems to be the reason enough. Such a delicate flower is always a present most women would be glad to receive. Since you give a rose to a person to show your love or affection, why not treat yourself with one that will permanently become a part of your body? Still, there is more to it than just pure beauty of a rose that makes it a great choice and the reason for writing this article about Rose Tattoos for Women.

Rose Tattoos for Women: ROSE SYMBOLISM

Roses were given various meanings since most ancient cultures. In Greek mythology rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite was often illustrated with roses around her head, neck or feet. Rose in ancient Greece symbolized an immortal love that even death can not diminish as a bush of roses grew within the pool of blood of slained Adonis who was a lover of Aphrodite. In ancient Greece rose was also associated with hedonistic affectionate god Dionysus and a beautiful muse Erato gifted with spectacular creativity as well. Roses with its thorns actually symbolize Erato's ability to pierce the heart of a man with it's intoxicating song and beauty. Therefor, roses represent sensuality, inspiration, creativity, hedonism, love and eroticism.

In ancient Rome rose was a symbol of secrets, important secret meetings or tacit understanding. Romans used to hang roses above meeting tables, hence the term “sub rosa“ which means “under the rose“. It was understood that anything said at this table and under the rose was considered a secret and was not to be repeated and spread around. There was also a common practice for Romans to strew roses or rose petals across the bodies and graves of fallen soldiers to honor them. Red roses symbolized soldiers' blood shed for the Roman Empire and was also associated with Mars (the god of war) as well as with Venus (the goddess of love).

For Christians the rose was a symbol of unblemished bliss, purity, innocence, beauty, sacrifice and perfection. In Christian art Virgin Mary is often illustrated with roses adorning her as she was blessed among all women. The color of a rose also makes difference in Christian art where the white rose is a symbol of purification, while the red rose is to commemorate the blood of Christ. In his time of dying Christ wore a crown of thorns, and a rose bush is said to have grown at the site of his death. Yet another relation with Christianity.

Numerology also has special link with roses. In renaissance art a rose with eight petals is a symbol of birth and renewal.
In alchemy a rose with seven petals is a symbol of universal understanding and order and spiritual progress. In this context a blossoming rose with its unfolding petals represent ever widening spaces of human evolution. The center of the rose is a symbol of unity and reminds God is the center of everything. Other layers will point to initiation and progress along the pilgrimage to enlightenment. So, if you want to emphasize and communicate your efforts in resurgence of the soul a rose tattoos for women may convey a sense of transformation, blossoming and desire to share new depths of yourself with the world.
Freemasons used three roses as a symbol of a guiding principle where one stands for love, one for life and one for light.

In Tarot a rose is considered a symbol of balance. The flower stands for promise, hope and new beginnings while the thorns represent the contrast and stand for defense, physicality, loss and thoughtlessness. All these items form balance and equilibrium.

Besides number, the color of a rose also bears different meanings. A yellow rose means joy, mature love and protection against envious lovers. A white rose stands for purity, sanctity, mysticism or is a symbol of a secret admirer. Red rose means sacrifice, immortal love, health, memorial, passion, beauty and honor. A pink rose is a symbol of first love, innocence and healing.

Black roses are particularly interesting since they do not exist in nature, but were often objects of interesting stories connected with black magic. If you are a person prone to mysticism, a black rose tattoo might be a good choice for you. But be careful: a black rose is also a symbol of death, hatred, revenge, sorrow or mourning.

Rose Tattoos for Women: Where to put it?

With such a symbolic, powerful and elegant image you can hardly go wrong. It will look great on your shoulder, arm or even a wrist. A rose on your belly may represent secrets or complexity of a woman, while a rose on your ankle is... well, just pure sexy.

Rose Tattoos for Women and their Famous Owners

• Heather Locklear
• Minnie Driver
• Halle Berry
• Charlize Theron
• Christy Turlington
• Jenna Jameson
• Alyssa Milano
• Vida Guerra
• Cher
• Lady Gaga
• Mary J Blinge
• And many more...........

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about Rose Tattoos for Women and you can now decide whether this is the right tattoo choice for you.

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